Technical Support

Installing Liquid-Ring Vacuum Pump

The first lesson for operating liquid-ring vacuum pumps is installing them properly.

The liquid-ring vacuum pump is a specific form of rotary positive-displacement pump utilizing liquid as the principal element in gas compression. The compression is performed by a ring of liquid formed as a result of the relative eccentricity between the pump's casing and a rotating multi-bladed impeller.

The electricity results in near-complete filling, and then partial emptying, of each rotor chamber during every revolution. The filling and emptying actions create a piston action within each set of rotor or impeller blades.

The pump's components are positioned in such a manner as to admit gas when the rotor chamber is emptying the liquid, and then allowing the gas to discharge once compression is completed. Sealing areas between the inlet and discharge ports are provided, to close the rotor areas, and to separate the inlet and discharge flows.