Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump

Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump, PL Series Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump.

PL - Series

Suction Capacity

550 to 15000M3/Hr

Power Consumption

90kW to 600kW

Maximum Vacuum

700mm of Hg (G)

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Pulp & Paper, Sugar Mill, Power Plant & Process Minival Bonification in minima Industries.

The liquid ring vacuum pump is manufactured to handle liquid, water, gas and air movement applications in various industries. We design vacuum pumps based on widely acclaimed liquid ring technology to offer high end transfer solutions in industries. These are the best devices for handling applications like vacuum filtration, extracting moisture, removal of water from pulp during paper processing, mineral beneficiation, ash handling and much more. Available in 5000 m3 /hr to 22000 m3 /hr working capacity, this is the right device for use in sugar mills, oil refineries, distilleries, coal washeries, power plants and mines. It can serve wide range of applications in paper, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, fertilizer, railways and textile industries.

Spare Parts of Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump including PL Series Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump.