Chemical Process Pump

PCPS - Series

Suction Capacity

1 M3/Hr to 100 M3/Hr


Up to 65 Mts.

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Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals & Process Industries.


Chemical Process Pump

Chemical process pump is an important device for handling of hazardous chemicals in industries. Whether conveyance or use in chemical reactions, chemical products need to be handled efficiently and with care in order to avoid any kind of damage or corrosion occurring at the working place. Chemical process pumps of PPI Pumps Pvt Ltd. are the absolute solutions for handling of corrosive or hazardous chemicals in pharmaceutical, chemical and process industries. Available in 1 m3/hr to 100 m3/hr capacities, these are high performance ISO pumps which are compatible for work with different kinds of corrosive liquids. Our chemical process pumps are available with different kinds of sealing solutions including single mechanical seal for non-corrosive to moderate corrosive liquids, double mechanical seal to handle low flows of abrasive chemicals, bellows seal for handling highly corrosive liquids at extreme temperatures and cartridge seal for ease of maintenance while handling moderate corrosive liquids. High performance with minimum maintenance and less energy consumption is what our chemical process pumps are designed to provide for a much longer period of time for efficiency in industrial processes.

Spare Parts of Chemical Process Pumps PCPS Series.