How Vacuum Pumps are Useful?

Vacuum pump mechanism is used to remove air or any gas particles from the container that creates vacuum in the vessel. It is used for various industrial applications. It is used in electronics manufacturing units to produce CRT tubes, electric bulbs and lamps, semiconducting materials, glass coating etc. There are various types of vacuum pumps are manufactured as per the industrial needs and applications. Few are like liquid ring, single cone, close couple, two stage, twin lobe roots blower, chemical process pumps etc. These categories are based on different technologies like positive displacement, momentum transfer, entrapment etc. Low vacuum can be generated through positive displacements. High vacuum can be generated through momentum transfer in co-ordination with couple of positive displacement pumps.

The first vacuum pump was invented by German scientist Otto von Guericke and proved with the historical experiments of hemispheres. They are categorized based on various vacuum creation process for air compression and electromechanical.

Liquid Ring
It is designed for liquid, water, gas, air execution in paper, coal, Pharmaceutical, textile, oil refineries and many other industrial production houses. It is designed to work on appropriate vapor pressure of the liquid. It is use liquid, generally water to create the required pressure vacuum. Oil vacuum pumps are used to create low vapor pressure. High tolerance vacuum pressure is one of the main benefits of using liquid ring vacuum pump. It is more stable and not reactive to the explosive gases, thus widely used when the process is dealing with explosive and toxic gases.

Two Stage Water Ring
It is used to create high vacuum at defined pressure compare to traditional single stage vacuum pump. This double stage water extends the vacuum capacity of single stage and overcome the limitation of enhancing and maintaining vacuum pressure above 70% as the single stage vacuum pump have. This pump extends the vacuum capacity 50% in terms of volume and with reducing power consumption compare to single stage water ring vacuum pump.

Chemical Process Pumps
Chemical process pump is used in various chemical process houses, Pharmaceutical industries and process industries. The pump is extensively used for cooling towers, heating & air conditioning plants. Chemical process pumps are available in the market with varying suction capacity and supportive head range.

Applications of Vacuum Pumps
It usage is not limited to particular industry. Vacuum pump is generally used in many industries and scientific as well industrial processes.

Scientific research is the broad spectrum application for using vacuum pumps. Electron microscopy, radio therapy, surgery equipments, pharmaceutical processes, research and development instruments are the places where vacuum pump usage is defined individually as well with the integration of other machineries.

Liquid ring is a known water ring vacuum pump useful in gas compression using the liquid like water, oil or other liquids that creates vapor pressure to generate vacuum in the container.

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