Use Vacuum Pumps to Produce High Quality Plastics, Polystyrene Parts and Other Specially Shaped Plastic Products

Vacuum pumps are widely applied in many industries to extract air from vessels. Plastic and polystyrene manufacturing processes use vacuum pumps in various processes resulting to production of high quality products.

Use of Vacuum Pump Technology in Plastic Casting Processes and Plastic Bottle Production

Plastic and polystyrene casting processes use it to extract air from the mould and this enables the plastic to take up the shape of the mould. High performance they are used to create high vacuums (typically, 27.5-28.7 mmHg). This high vacuum causes the molten plastic materials to take the shape of complex mould contours. 

Vacuum pumps are also widely used in plastic profiling. In this process, plastics in form of resin or powder are first processed to form continuous uniform sheet. This extruded sheet is then heated using a suitable oven. After heating, the plastic is stretched over the mold surface. It is then sucked inwards into the mould using a vacuum equipment to form the intended shape. High vacuum system are required for this operation so as to produce good quality products. Bottles, cups, bowls, sinks and many plastics are profiled using it.

When melting plastics, gases and other substances produced damage the quality of plastics after it cools as they form bubbles/ blowhole in the plastic. To prevent this, they are used to extract gases from the mould resulting to high quality casting free of gases.



They are also used during plastic blending process. During this process, colors, stabilizers and other chemicals are added to the plastic before extrusion.  For the process to be successful, water moisture must be removed. This moisture is extracted using it operating at the range of 20-25mmHg.

How Do Vacuum Pump Technologies Enhance Plastic Processing Operations?

Vacuum calibrators greatly enhance the plastic forming process. Complex shaped plastics which are hard to mold are made though this process. Since the vacuum pressure can be controlled, the resulting plastic has uniform thickness and good dimensions. Extraction of air also prevents the formation of gases during solidification and this makes high quality plastics.

Types of Vacuum Pumps Used In Plastic Production and Processing

High performance single stage or double stage liquid ring are the most commonly used pumps in plastic production. The size and type of liquid ring Vacuum pump depend on the mold size, vacuum pressure and type of operation. Vane equipments are also applied in removing air during polystyrene molding process.



Advantages of Vacuuming In Plastic Production

Vacuum formers are cheap, affordable and result to formation of high quality plastics. Due to the simplicity of the process, the resulting plastics are cheap and affordable. The process is fast and allows for mass plastic production.


Thjey are widely used in plastic molding and polystyrene product formation. The molding and profiling process is done using high performance liquid ring system. A vacuum pump profiles the plastics so that it achieves good dimensional stability and the plastic takes the exact shape of the mould.

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