Types & Applications of Vacuum Pumps

In simple term, vacuum pump is equipment which creates vacuum inside the sealed container.  Many of the inventions and search are thankful to the invention of this pump. It is firstly used in laboratory. Various types of this instrument came into the existence with exploration of different features associated with the evaluation of this technology. Innovative research in science and technology has indulged the process in certain industrial applications like sewage systems, automobiles, industrial and pharmaceutical processes etc.

Based on this techniques, they are segmented as positive displacement, liquid ring, rotary vane, molecular transfer and entrapment pumps.

Efficiency of Vacuum pump is based on parameters like pumping speed and throughput, which is a volume flow rate input and throughput is the output at outlet, which is magnified with air pressure. The measurement factor for both is different. Some of the companies even measure the pump capacity in terms of suction capacity and ability to generate vacuum in Hg.

Applications -

  1. It is widely used in medical applications of radio therapy and radio surgery. Even many of the medical equipments work based on the vacuum creation principals.
  2. Aircraft uses gyroscope and many other instruments and pressure measuring devices.
  3. Glass coating and decoration can be archived with this technique.
  4. Freeze drying equipment use the pumping and heating to carry out processes on food to maintain it for long.
  5. With the admitting new technology the scope of this technology has been increased a lot and many of the instruments are using the whole or part of the system to execute the operations.

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