Top 10 Vacuum Pumps Manufacturer in India & Their Products

India prides itself as one of the best supplier of vacuum pumps in the world. High quality and durable pumps are developed for the local and international market. These pumps are offered at cost effective prices and are designed for maximum throughput in various industries. The top manufactures include:

PPI Pumps Pvt. Ltd.

This is the largest manufacturer and exporter of vacuum pumps in India. The company was established in 1979 and has risen to become a global leader in manufacturing and exporting vacuum pumps. The company has a production capacity of 15000M3/ hr and come second to none in satisfying the customer’s requirements.  The firm adheres to strict quality control measures and trains workers regularly. This has translated to high quality products and exemplary technical service to the customers. 

PPI pumps lead in the supply of liquid ring vacuum pumps, single and double stage pumps as well as single cone and close couple pumps.  In addition, they are manufacture blowers, chemical process pumps and spare parts.  They supply pumps to industries such as mining, petroleum refinery, metal processing, oil and gas, chemical, textile, printing, food and beverage, packaging and sugar industries.

manufacturer and exporter of vacuum pumps in India

Indian high vacuum pumps

This firm was established in 1995 with headquarters in Bangalore, India. It is one of the fastest growing companies in vacuum pumps with 20 years experience. The main vacuum products include: pumps, coating units, impregnation units, glove box, vacuum chambers, drying units and ovens.

Promivac engineers

This is a major vacuum pump manufacturer and supplier. The firm was established in 1981. They not only manufacture vacuum systems but other types of pumps and blowers. The vacuum system product line comprises of oil sealed type, water ring, mono block, direct drive, rotary vane, single and double stage and vacuum pressure turbine blowers . They are ISO certified and have four large manufacturing units.

Busch vacuum India

This is a service company specializing in vacuum pumps. They sell a wide variety of vacuum equipments such as rotary vane, dry screw and dry craw vacuum pumps. They are supply special vacuum pumps such as scroll, diffusion and turbo-molecular vacuum pumps. They have retail outlets in major towns in India. The company designs customs pumps and offer consultancy services on vacuum systems.

Technovac Engineers

They are located in New Delhi, India. These are engaged in manufacturing a wide range of vacuum systems applied in both industries and research labs. Their main vacuum pumps products include rotary vane, oil lubricated, oil free, water ring type and direct drive / monoblock. They also manufacture vacuum gauges. Their equipment are applied in pharmaceuticals, distillation, food and chemical, leather, air condition, refrigeration units and making of bulbs.

Shenovac Engineers

This company was established in 1986 and is located in New Delhi. They manufacture a wide range of vacuum system that includes: rotary type, water ring, diaphragm type pumps, monoblock and air system types.

Unique vacuum pumps

This firm is located in Bangalore, India.  They manufacture a wide range of vacuum pumps that include: dry type, dry scroll, high pressure, oil lubricated, single and double stage, oil diffusion and roots vacuum pump. They also supply a wide range of vacuum gauges.

Torr marketing India Pvt. Ltd.  

This is Company was established in 1992 and is located in Mumbai. It is a reputable manufacturer, supplier and exporter of a wide range of vacuum systems, blowers, steam ejector, industrial pumps and other machineries. Their main vacuum products include: liquid ring, diaphragm type, single and double stage, rotary vane type, dry screw, dry claw, scroll, diffusion types and vacuum booster pumps. They also manufacture blowers, gauges and other pumping systems.

Garuda engineering technology

This company was established in 1989 and is ISO certified. It is located in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. The firm manufactures a wide range of vacuum pumps that include: conical type, centrifugal type, water ring, oil ring, industrial liquid ring and oil seal vacuum pumps

INDO-AIR compressors Pvt. Ltd.

This company leads in the field of air compressors and vacuum pump manufacturing. Their pumps are used in wide range of applications in food, soft drink, printing, pharmaceuticals and pneumatic tools.

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