Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump Technology - Two Stage Water Ring Vacuum Pump

Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump Technology
Liquid ring vacuum pump is positive displacement also used as a gas compressor with similar functionality as rotary vane Technology. It is also known as water ring vacuum Technology, An improved concept in Liquid Ring Technology developed by highly technical and experienced engineers solely engaged in manufacturing it in India. These pumps are designed to handle water, liquid, air, gas etc. They are used in industries like Paper, Sugar, Coal, Mines, Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Fertilizer, Asbestos, Oil refineries, Distilleries, Railways, Textile industries etc. It can use any liquid compatible with the process, provided it has the appropriate vapor pressure properties, as the sealant liquid. Although the most common sealant is water, almost any liquid can be used. The second most common is oil. Since oil has a very low vapor pressure, oil-sealed they are typically air-cooled. There are many advantages of this pumps like it can tolerate entrained liquids and solids. It is very safe for explosive gases. Its simple design is good for corrosion resistant materials. They are widely used device to produce required vacuum. Many a time’s connecting liquid ring vacuum pump with steam jet ejectors is the efficient method to produce process vacuum. 

Two Stage Water Ring Vacuum Pumps
It is also known as double stage pump. High capacity at high vacuum and low quantity of water requirement, which saves energy. In the conventional Single stage the performance after 70% vacuum falls down drastically, whereas the Two stage Technology gives better performance after 70% vacuum. Normally the vacuum pump requires running consistently between 70 to 90% vacuum. Two stage Technology gives appx. 50% more Vol. efficiency with saving of 50% power. Some of the precautions are must while operating two stage water ring vacuum pump including turning the shaft by hand to ensure that it runs freely. Not to start pump without water. First need to start water followed by starting of it. Regulating the water supply through plug or stop cock as per the ready reckoned pump data sheet. It requires frequent measurement of tempuration in the starting of pump operation etc.

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