Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump, Double Stage Vacuum Pump

Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump
Water ring vacuum pump is also known as liquid ring pump. It is used for pumping water, liquid, air and gas etc. It is used in various industries like paper, sugar, refineries coal and ash handling plants, mining, Pharma and chemical manufacturing industries, oil and gas production units, textile and distillery plants etc are heavily use liquid ring vacuum pump.

Brief Applications:

  • Vacuum Distillations
  • Vacuum Condensation
  • Vacuum Filtration
  • Ash Handling
  • Mineral Benefication
  • Paper Recovery Plant
  • Moisture Extraction
  • Evaporation

Liquid ring vacuum pump is differentiated based on the suction capacity, power consumption and maximum vacuum creation capacity. There are various models from different vacuum pump manufacturing companies are in the market.

The team of engineers from has announced 3 types of liquid ring like

PL series having 550 to 15000M3/hr suction capacity, consuming operating power from 90KW to 600KW and generate the maximum 700mm of HG vacuum.

VWS Series has the lower suction capacity ranging from 8 to 2150 M3/hr with very low power consumption of only 0.75KW to 75KW and generate maximum 710mm of Hg Vacuum.

PL 904 Series is having highest suction capacity ranging from 4500 to 22000M3/hr with maximum vacuum of 700mm HG generation.

Single Cone
PSC Series pump from is widely used in power plants and process industries with 220 to 5000M3/hr suction capacity and average power consumption is 7.5KW to 132KW for vacuum generation of 710mm of HG at max.

Two Stage / Double Stage Vacuum Pump
Two stage vacuum pump with suction capacity of 75 to 550M3/hr and 3.7KW to 18.5KW power consumption creates 720mm of Hg vacuum that is most suitable for chemical and pharmaceutical industrial applications.

Safety measures while operating the industrial vacuum pump

  • Water ring must be dipped in the water and never start or stop the pump without water.
  • Always check water hardness and maintain below the tolerance level. Use proper purification process.
  • Avoid maintenance while pump is connected with motor
  • Maintain the height of water outlet from pump silencer as per the specification.
  • Do not touch bearing cover bolts without instruction from technical experts.

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