Industrial Applications & Types of Vacuum Pumps

Industrial Applications

Vacuum pumps are used to remove gas molecules from a sealed space or enclosure leaving a partial vacuum behind. They are used in various industries for multiple functions including in pharmaceutical industries, electrical and food-beverages industries for various applications like plastic molding processes, production of lamps, tubes, CRT displays; semiconductor processing, in the generation of glass coatings, milking, packaging and also in the aviation industry in building various components. These devices are categorized based on the techniques like positive displacement, momentum transfer, entrapment etc. Each pump is used for different application. Positive displacement pumps are the most effective for low vacuums. Momentum transfer pumps in conjunction with one or two positive displacement device are the most common configuration used to achieve high vacuums. There are several performance measures for measuring the pump capacities are speed, throughput, mass flow rate etc. These instruments are available in various size and capacity in the market.

Different Types
There are many types of vacuum pumps in the market useful in the application industries like Liquid Ring Vacuum Technology for paper and sugar mills, Single Cone for process Industries & Power Plants, Close Couple for Plastic Industries and Breweries bottling Plant also used in applications like sterilizers, extruder venting and calibration tables, evaporators and mixing. Two Stage for Chemicals and Pharmaceutical Process Industries, Twin Lobe Roots Blower and Chemical Process Pump for Cement, Fertilizer & Effluent Treatment. Based on better understanding, it's usage in Industries and science, you can take maximum advantages in varieties of functionalities. Water ring vacuum pump uses water as a prime tool to create the required pressure and generates vacuum through controlled process. Single stage and two stage are categorically defined to get enhanced power of the equipment for quicker and effective process. Water is used in low quantity in two stage water ring tool creating high vacuum and saves energy. Thus there are so many inventions in this for the life's betterment have been happened even without our knowledge. We can see many applications in our routine life with the usage of these tools.

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