How to Choose a Right Vacuum Pump for Your Industrial Needs

What is a Vacuum Pump?

Vacuum pumps are machines that eliminate gas from a closed space in order to create a fractional or full vacuum. They are usually used for a selection of industrial and scientific purposes. The first this equipment was conceived in 1650 by Otto von Guericke, and was headed by the suction pump, which dates to antiquity.
They are joined with chambers and operational processes into a wide assortment of it. Occasionally more than one pump will be used (in series or in parallel) in a lone application. A fractional, or uneven vacuum, can be created using a positive displacement system that transports a gas capacity from an inlet port to an outlet (exhaust) port.
There are numerous diverse kinds of its, including liquid ring , single cone , and close couple pump

The use of Vacuum Pumps for a variety of industries

The Vacuum Pump is used in the following:
Semiconductor processing, particularly ion implantation, dry etch and PVD, ALD, PECVD and CVD deposition and shortly in photolithography
Electron microscopy
Curativeprocedures that necessitate suction
Uranium enhancement
Medicinal applications such as radiotherapy, radiosurgery and radio pharmacy
Systematicequipment to analyse gas, liquid, solid, surface and bio materials
Vacuum coating on glass, metal and plastics for beautification, for toughness and for energy saving, such as low-emissivity glass
Hard covering for engine mechanisms (as in Formula One)
Ophthalmic glaze
Milking machineries and other gear in dairy sheds
Air conditioning service - eliminating all impurities from the system before charging with refrigerant

Vacuum Pumpsmay be used to power, or deliversupport to machine-driven devices. In diesel engine motor vehicles, a pump fitted on the engine (regularly on the camshaft) is used to yield vacuum. In gasoline engines, in its place, vacuum is found as a side-effect of the process of the engine and the flow control created by the throttle plate.

Applications of different Vacuum Pumps

Liquid Ring

The liquid ring vacuum pump is intended to handle fluid, water, gas and air movement applications in numerous businesses.
Pulp & Paper
Sugar Mill
Power Plant

Single Cone

Process industries
Power plants

Close Couple

Plastic Industries
Two Staged

Process Industries
Twin Lobe Roots Blower

Effluent Treatment Plants

Chemical Process

Process Industries

Which pump should you get?

The equipment you should get is definitely dependent on what type of industry you will or are currently into. Different industries, different pumps, for different purposes. As stated above, you can use a combination of its for industries such as those in involved in chemicals and pharmaceuticals. They are generally there to make your business a little bit more efficient. They are worth the investments as they are usually of little maintenance.


Vacuum Pumps are a very versatile piece of equipment. Whether it be liquid ring or the Twin Lobes Root Blower, the diverse applications of this machine is numerous and has been tested for more than a hundred years now. They guarantee a good long term investment and they are manufactured specially for the needs of each industry.

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