Construction Features of Twin Lobe Roots Blower and their Technical Excellence

Blowers for Industrial Health Fitness

Blowers, compressors and centrifugal fans are used to pump out gases. It is widely used in industries to maintain air pollution free environment. Apart from that blowers are of different types and each type is destined for specific purpose. Twin lobe roots blower is one among them that is preferred in industries for the following advantages,

1) Higher performance at moderate compression ratios

2) They are applied in places where constant discharge or pressure is required

3) It is highly recommended in pneumatic conveying system, aeration, cement plants, aquaculture aeration, etc


Twin Lobe Roots Blower-Basic Equipment Construction and Mechanism

Twin Lobe Roots Blower falls under the category of positive displacement blowers. It is constructed with a pair of lobes designed as per the profile. Lobes are also termed as rotors rotate inside the casing. In twin lobes one of the lobes is applied for driving with the help of external power resource and the other lobe is driven with the help of gears. The mechanism starts in terms of the two lobes rotating in opposite direction however run in constant speed and remove gases from the circumference.


Displacement of Gases and Vacuum Creation

As the twin lobes rotate in opposite direction air travels inside the cylinder and it is forced outside by using the pressure created by rotors rotation. Each rotation helps to remove volumes of gases and further the rotation of twin lobes stops air coming inside the cylinder thus creating vacuum space inside the machine and the air disposal keeps on continuing through the discharge system. The gas flow rate depends on the speed of rotating operation of the lobes. One of the chief benefits of applying twin lobes roots blower is that it is a reliable option for obtaining consistent flow rate irrespective of the variable pressure discharge conditions as it depends mostly on the operating speed of the lobes.



Roots Blowers from PPI Pumps

PPI pumps has been serving several industries with different types of vacuum pumps, blowers, and pump spare parts. We customize blowers in terms of industrial applications. We have twin lobe roots blower with a capacity of 100 to 8000 Cubic Meter / Hr and it can discharge maximum of 1kg/cm2 pressure.


More of Vacuum Mechanisms

Other than blowers, PPI pumps stays a great destination to find different sorts of equipments related to vacuum technology such as liquid ring , single cone, two stage , close couple, chemical process pumps, etc. Our liquid ring pump has a great demand in industries including power plant, sugar mill, process industries, paper and pulp manufacturing, etc. We have wide range of pump spare parts for specific model of pumps including liquid ring , single cone and chemical process system, roots blowers, etc.



The construction of twin rotors is the key factor for consistent pressure discharge from twin roots blowers. This feature is the main reason for vacuum pumps like roots blower to be applied in industries like aeration, cement plants, etc.

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