Brief About Different Vacuum Pumps

Vacuum pumps are available in the market in various size and pumping capacities. As the name suggest its function is to create vacuum inside the sealed container removing the filled material either air, gas, liquid, vapor etc.

Different types of Vacuum Pumps:
Liquid Ring : They are available in different subcategories with variable features including suction capacity, power consumption and maximum vacuum created by the pump. It is widely used in Industries like pulp and paper mills, sugar mills, power plants etc. Liquid ring vacuum pumps are also known as water ring vacuum pump and designed to handle liquid, water, air and gas etc. for detailed technical specification , you may visit PPI pumps website that provides industry standard best quality liquid ring vacuum pumps.

Single Cone : It is available at 220 to 5000 M/Hr suction capacity with 7.5KW to 132KW power consumption and 710mm of Hg (G) max vacuum building capacity. It is widely used in power plants and processing industries.

Close Couple : This type of pumps are available in different suction capacity ranging from 15 to 2000M/Hr with power consumption and according vacuum generating capacity. It is mainly used in breweries, bottling plant and plastic processing industries.

Two Stage : It is also known as double stage water ring vacuum pump highly used in chemical industries, pharmaceutical processing and packaging industries and processing houses various models have come up in the market with different suction capacity to generate required vacuum.

Twin Lobe Roots Blower: Also known as Air cooled roots blower and water cooled roots blower with positive displacement and constant volume characteristics widely used for different gases like nitrogen, hydrogen, carbon dioxide and natural gases. Application area for twin lobe roots blower are cement blending, fertilizer industry, chemicals, sugar production mills, loom sheds, ash handling in power sector etc.

Chemical Process Pump: It is a high performance process pump providing general packing to specific mechanical sealing solutions in Pharmaceuticals, chemicals and other processing houses with various suction capacities.

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