How Vacuum Pumps are applied in Different Industries?

Engineering turns dreams into reality and the vacuum pump has been one such innovation. The creation of a partial or full vacuum has had many industrial applications at one point or another in manufacturing processes before a final product is completed. Some important applications of vacuum pumps include;


Used in the ceramic industry in the de aeration process of ceramic materials in the extruders. This is a process of air removal to attain higher quality product. In some cases, simultaneous mixing is combined with vacuum de aeration for process efficiency to be achieved. De aeration time is significantly reduced using vacuum pumps.


Useful in the medical industry as component of steam sterilizers to cool and dry surgical equipment. They are also used in sterilizers for removal of ethylene chloride during sterilization process.

vacuum pumps Used in different industries

Metals Fabrication

They are of Critical importance in the heavy fabrication industries because they are tolerant of ingress of contaminated gasses, which would lead to corrosion. In metal processing, control of surface reactions is critical for the right product to be achieved. Vacuum pumps are used to remove these surface contaminants and in some cases to degas and convert the oxides found on the surface of a material. The pumps have typical applications in metal fabrication processes such as brazing, hardening, annealing, case hardening, sintering, tempering and diffusion bonding.

Mining, Oil, Gas & Petroleum Industries

Vacuum pumps are very useful in the flue gas compressors for carbon dioxide recovery at a maximum temperature of 1000 farenheight. They are used in vacuum pumps filling and cleaning of petroleum barrels. They are useful in vacuum priming of pumps, recovery of vapor from petroleum storage tanks as well as vacuum filtration for de waxing process.

In mining, the pumps are useful in vacuum filtration on ore processing of products such as Alumna, coal fines, copper, feldspar, fluorspar, gold, iron ore, lead, uranium, Vanadium and zinc.

Plastics Manufacturing

Vacuum Molding; this is the process of heating a plastic sheeting and draping it over mould. A vacuum is created that sucks the sheet into the mould. The formed product is then ejected from the mould. The use of vacuum pumps in this process may require low forming pressures thus efficiency is achieved in the process. The pumps are used in vacuum de aeration in plastic extruders and plastic mixers.


These pumps have various applications in the paper industry. They are used in the transfer of sheets from forming to pressing sections, stacking and placing paper before stitching, extraction of water from paper. They can also be used on sheet fed presses, pre press, vacuum frames, plate makers and many more applications. They are used in clamping printing plates during laser engraving process. Vacuuming is also critical in dust removal during various printing processes and delicate handling of printing plates at point of discharge.

Wood Working

In wood processing, the pumps are useful in vacuum impregnation and vacuum drying to process green wood in autoclaves. They are also useful in vacuum handling of plywood and block boards during the manufacturing process.

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